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Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA

Are YOU ready to Walk to End Epilepsy?


From the East Coast to the West Coast, members of the epilepsy community are uniting with a shared vision. We invite you to join the movement to End Epilepsy and the many challenges associated with this diagnosis.

There are 3.4 million people in the United States living with active epilepsy.

By participating in the Walk to End Epilepsy Pennsylvania Series, you are not only uniting with people across the nation but you are igniting a spark right in your own backyard. We walk so that no one feels alone in their diagnosis. We walk so that kids can attend camp. We walk to build
seizure-safe communities. We walk to End Epilepsy.

The Walk to End Epilepsy Pennsylvania Series is part of the nationwide Walk to End Epilepsy. Learn more about why we walk and what others across the country are doing to make a difference in their communities by visiting 

Together we can make a difference! 




      * TO REGISTER FOR A LOCAL WALK TO END EPILEPSY, please choose the specific walk below or by using the "FIND           
        A WALK" button.

    •       * IF YOU ARE DONATING TO SUPPORT AN INDIVIDUAL WALKER OR TEAM, please choose the specific walk below or by
              using the "FIND A WALK" button THEN search for the fundraising page for the individual or team you wish to support. 

      * Please DO NOT use the "CREATE A CAMPAIGN" button if you are registering for a Walk to End Epilepsy. This is for
        anyone creating a Third-Party Fundraiser NOT connected to the Walk to End      Epilepsy Pennsylvania Series.

Please contact us at or 215-629-5003 if you have questions. 

As always, all proceeds will support the free programs and services provided locally. 

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