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The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania (EFEPA) was founded and incorporated in 1972 by local families and a neurologist who saw the need for information and referral services beyond the medical aspects of the disorder. In 2001, the Foundation’s national office and the Pennsylvania Department of Health helped EFEPA grow by supporting its initiatives to extend services to eighteen (18) counties throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. 

The Foundation continues to be the only organization in Eastern Pennsylvania established to address the non-medical needs of people with epilepsy/seizure disorder and their families. EFEPA accomplishes its goals by providing free educational programs and referral services to individuals with epilepsy/seizure disorder and their families. 

Revenues to fund the Foundation are generated through special events, grants, general donations, memorials and corporate partnerships. Forty-four percent of EFEPA’s budget is supplied by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and is subject to annual renewal. 

EFEPA is an independently incorporated affiliate in good standing of the Epilepsy Foundation of America, however, it is not funded in any way by the national organization. Three percent of EFEPA’s income is assessed for dues to the national office. 

EFEPA works diligently to continue to offer opportunities and much needed services for individuals with epilepsy/seizure disorder and their families in Eastern Pennsylvania to enhance their quality of life. This work cannot be accomplished without the support of members of the general public, corporate partners, and those willing to offer their skills and expertise to our growing Board of Directors, in order to make a difference within the epilepsy community. 

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