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Amanda Brittain

Amanda Brittain

Marli had a stroke at birth that effected her whole brain, which was caused by meconium aspiration. This lead to Cerebral Palsy, and 41% of people with CP also have epilepsy. It seems like such a simple puzzle to put together, now that someone finally has. Her latest MRI showed scarring and shrinking on her brain (scattered around her entire brain) which puts her at a really high risk for continuous and hard to control seizures. Her latest EEG showed continuous abnormal discharges all over her brain as well. She was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and partial symptomatic epilepsy, which thankfully, is being controlled really well with the medication she was started on after a clear seizure on Christmas Day 2017. Prior to Christmas, Marli was having seizures all day, for almost 2 years. On Christmas Eve 2018, Marli made it to 364 days seizure free, and then had two seizures while at preschool.

I knew Marli was going to be special from the day she was born, but I never had any idea how much SHE would teach ME, or how much this tiny person’s strength, perseverance, and courage would inspire me. Most importantly, our little girl is so happy and knows she is so incredibly loved EXACTLY as she is.

Our family is participating in the walk to end epilepsy on Sunday, June 9th at the upper saucon township community park, and any contribution is greatly appreciated. If you would like to register to walk with us, please send me a message, I can walk you through it and get you a team shirt! We’d love to have you!


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