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In loving memory of Andie

Andie's Warriors

Andie's Warriors

2002-2018, In memory of Andie.
Andie is the youngest of 3 children. She has 2 big brothers, Jacob and Kyle. In 2006, just after turning 4 years old, she started having what we referred to as episodes. Her mom called her pediatrician and they initially blew this off as "a behavioral issue" but said they would check her out. At the appointment they still blew it off as behavior issues, offered to send her for an EEG. Her episodes became worse and more intense. The EEG results were normal, so they scheduled a 24-hour EEG. Her episodes which were constantly changing, were now coming every few hours and lasting a few seconds. They went for her 24-hour EEG at CHOP, and within minutes of leaving CHOP, she had an episode which was recorded. The next day they returned to CHOP to remove the leads and they ensured they had enough data. CHOP was able to diagnose her with Epilepsy and started her on anti-seizure medication. The neurologist at CHOP was able to explain that she was having cluster seizures and her poor brain was overworked. They wanted to follow up with an MRI which showed Andie had cavernoma. Cavernoma is a tangled blood vessel. Her blood vessels were so tangled they were in a knot and so tight that they were leaking blood into her brain. The leaking blood was the cause of her seizures. The next day they did surgery to remove the cavernoma. The docs at CHOP stated it was the biggest cavernoma they have ever seen. Her personality blossomed after her surgery! They said she could go her whole life without another seizure or she could have more, it was a waiting game. Andie was watched like a hawk. She was involved in sports and dance. All her teachers knew her history, so they knew what to watch out for. Andie went 9 years. seizure free. At 13, she had a grand mal seizure at her bus stop, and another seizure 6 weeks later. Epilepsy was diagnosed again and more medication changes. None of this stopped her as she continued to live her life to the fullest! She went 14 weeks seizure free until experiencing another seizure the week of Christmas 2017. Medication was adjusted again. Another MRI showed over half a dozen benign cavernoma. They learned these Cavernomas were a genetic condition. More seizures led to more adjustments to her medication. She was excited to turn 16, as any kid would be, to go for their permit. She was still experiencing seizures but didn’t want to face that she wouldn’t be allowed to get her permit till she hit the 6 months mark, seizure free. She had another grand mal seizure (now called tonic-clonic) a little after turning 16. None of this stopped her from living her best life! She went to Dorney Park, worked part time at McDonalds, attending votech school for cosmetology because she really inspired to be a cosmetology teacher. She was a junior in high school and even completed paperwork to become a volunteer firefighter. Andie was full of life, and always there to put a smile on your face followed up with the best hugs. She listened to all her friends’ troubles and provided encouraging words. She would welcome new classmates to make them more comfortable. She would stand up for kids being bullied, even when it was her being bullied for being epileptic and being laughed at during a seizure. Andie was a bright light in an often-dark world. Sadly, we lost Andie, on November 18, 2018, to a condition called SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy). The world lost a beautiful heart and soul when Andie left us

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