Welcome To Abby's Walk to End Epilepsy fundraising page! We can not be more thankful for all of our friends and family in supporting Abby in her efforts to raise money for a great cause! In 2018 she raised $500.00! We are so proud of her growth this year and success in school. Abby has had lots of success this year in staying seizure free since April 2018 for a six month stretch till she experienced three break through seizures over the winter months. She is greatly looking forward to her first experience at Camp Achieve and many more camping, hiking, swimming adventures with her family this summer. The EFEPA has been such a great support for Abby and our family in learning how to live a healthy life style with epilepsy, making community connections and providing education to our schools and staff on how to identify and provide first aid for seizures. Thank you for sharing your light! God Bless! The Moriarty Family