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My name is Benjamin Manicke and I was born and raised in Bangor Pennsylvania. Throughout my childhood I have always enjoyed camping, hiking, and working with computers. When I was in first grade, I had two absence seizures out of nowhere. My family and I were very worried at first but after being prescribed to a very small amount of medication everything was OK for a while. Then in eight grade my doctor believed I could start weaning myself off the medication. Once I was off medication for the first few months everything seemed different. I couldn’t tell what it was, but my head was killing me, and everything just seemed hazy. Eventually right at the end of my eighth grade year I started having seizures again every week each one being worse than the last. They eventually diagnosed me with epilepsy and by the end of the summer I was prescribed to two separate medications each being recommended for a three hundred pound man. The side effects really hit me at first and I began to not care about things like school anymore. After months of these grueling side effects I realized epilepsy was only holding me back because I was letting it. I began working harder than I ever have through my school and my community around me. I started getting great grades in school again and I started doing what I wanted do which was helping people around me because the one of the many things I learned from my seizures is that...

I have epilepsy, but epilepsy doesn’t have me.


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